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First thing to do is follow this tutorial for cleaning the carbs:

Then, buy this and perform all of the maintenance items:
Suzuki Workshop Manual GS450 Models 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 Service | eBay

Get yourself a Polaris 4012941 series type regulator to replace the crappy stock shunt type, clean your grounds, check all your voltages and you should have a nice, rock-solid platform for general cruising and a few performance mods as time and the limitations of the "L" model allows. Grab some 18" wheels from the "E" or "S" model, replace the suspension components with progressive, add a superbike bar and modify the seat foam on the stock pan to your liking. Just know that, unless you trade it for an "E", "S" or even a "T" model, the ergos on that bike won't have you doing any of this any time soon:

Perfect advice.