79 CB750K Fork and Brake upgrade options

79 CB750K Fork and Brake upgrade options

This is a discussion on 79 CB750K Fork and Brake upgrade options within the Technical forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; I have been riding my 79 CB750K bone stock for close to a year now and the front left fork seal has started leaking so ...

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    79 CB750K Fork and Brake upgrade options

    I have been riding my 79 CB750K bone stock for close to a year now and the front left fork seal has started leaking so I wanted to upgrade the fork and hopefully gain some rigidity. I have researched and found that the CB900F rebuilt with Racetech springs and Gold valve emulators seems to be a great upgrade because of the capability of dual disk as well as stiffer. But I also read that the stock spoke wheel of the 750 does not work on the Cb900f? So I started looking into wheels and found that the CBR 600 F2 front wheel bolts up. But then ran into rear wheel trouble. Is there a swing arm that bolts up to a Cb750 that can accommodate a CBR 600 F2 rear wheel and disc brake?

    Any help would be great right now I am just trying to piece it together on paper before I go buying anything

    Also I was looking into rear shocks and came across the Fox Shox RC1 but can't find too much feedback on them. I have heard about Works, Ohlins, Racetech, Hagon, Progressive


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    I don't know what you want this to look like when you're done so I think the easy way would be to see if the CBR wheel will actually fit in the stock swing am then fabricate spacers and a caliper bracket anchor that you could weld onto the swing arm. Chain alignment and wheel alignment are important and securely mounting the anchor point is critical. Also , the caliper has to move the same as it did on the CBR. I would get the CBR swing arm too to use as a pattern. I doubt you will find any other swing arm that will fit directly without any modification so unless you want to change how the swing arm looks, or the length, this might be the best bet. The CBR swing arm will be several inches longer but will have to be modified at the pivot bolt to fit. I would also recommend coping the brake pedal and MC mounting of the CBR so the brake will work well. It's best to copy the factory design as close as possible for safety and function when modifying, in my experience, since these old bikes wont handle like the new ones, small improvements are the best you get. The brakes are lots better though. The rest is mostly for looks? If you want it to handle like a CBR you'd spend a lot less time and money to just find a good used CBR. Good luck with it however you do it.
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    The F2 rear wheel is just about a straight bolt on in a 750F swingarm
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    There are plenty of things you can do to make what you have handle better. Just different wheels and brakes won't really amount to much benefit on their own.

    Some shocks like Öhlins would cost more than the bike is worth.

    There are relatively cheap mods to make your bike handle much better than stock. But if you want to make it into a serious sports bike, you should swap it for a DOHC CB750F or 900F.

    Do you want to go around corners, faster and better, or make the bike look sportier? Or both?

    Work out what you want to do.

    I can suggest things to make your bike handle and brake much better than it would now.

    Ask if you are interested.

    Has it got a 17 inch rear wheel?

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    The F2 swap is WELL documented on the CB1100F.net board.
    While not really "bolt on" it is fairly easy.

    On a CB750F/900F I see the point in the wheel swap.
    On a K I do not. Other things are going to be the limiting factor.

    I know a bit about the DOHC F bikes, and more about the SOHC bikes.
    Honestly do not know much about the wire wheeled DOHC ones.
    What front hub do they use?
    Wonder if a GL1000 front end is the way to go?
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    They used a weird front hub with 5 bolt disc mounting, machined on just 1 side for a disc. Its pretty much the same one on the smaller bike of the same time like the CB/CM400. I haven't quite finished my project yet, but what I am trying to do to my SOHC bike with the DOHC 900 front fork/brakes is mount the SOHC wheel with brake rotors from a Suzuki GS750/GS850/1000. The discs are about the right diameter, thickness and dish, with a 6 bolt hub that is off by about 1mm and a center hole that has to be opened up about the same amount.

    As far as I know there is no Honda spoked hub with a 5 bolt pattern for a disc on both sides. There are aftermarket hubs now that allow you to mount GSXR brakes, and one of those may be adaptable.

    The easy way to go? 39mm later model F fork, 2 piston caliper from same bike, HH sintered pads and a braided stainless line
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    I don't get it :/ your left front fork seal is leaking.
    An upgrade would be to take the thing completely apart,
    clean it, replace the slide bushings that are almost certainly worn out, because the front fork oil has rarely been changed.
    Fit it with new seals that won't wear out now, because the slide bushings are good and you have fresh oil in there.

    Then fit it with new tires :|

    It's a twin shock bike and you have a drum rear brake, why do you want to alter the entire front end again ?:I

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    OP, don't bother looking for any bottom slider fork bushes in dealing with your model here. I doubt they have any. Not all Jap motorcycles had them in their forks until the 80's or so.

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