Honda VF750F (+ & -)

Honda VF750F (+ & -)

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    Honda VF750F (+ & -)


    Few years back i decided that thats it im done with the old bikes. Sold my projects, bought road bicycle and "enjoyed" the healthy life... Untill this great looking 83' vf750f ad poped up in local paper. Price was super sweet and in the fraction of a second all this healthy lifestyle attitude flew straight to the dumpster...
    So i googeled the vf and i read that they were having problems with engine lubrication? How to check if mine is upgraded by factory? Also id like to make few improvements to the bike. The shocks are worn out so i thought to put in something more modern. Any sugestions?
    What are the main upgrades i should be aiming to achieve better more up to date driveability?
    Would like to hear opinions from owners.


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    i would expect if it is still running that it had all the required fixes done 35 years ago. apart from that i know nothing about them, sorry.

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    the early honda v4s are capable of spectacular performance for the time period, but beware, they can be fragile as an egg. The problem is not the oiling system, but the metallurgy of the camshafts is not up to the task. Better oiling is just a band aid, albeit reportedly an effective one.

    You are gonna wanna go ask this same question at the VFRD forum.

    And that should eventually lead to Mike Nixon's website...with tons of info.

    Also should lead to the suspension shop in Indiana that does rebuild, recalibrate and replace rear suspension parts.

    Front suspension woes are cured by anything from a simple rebuild to deletion of the anti-dive and total recalibration of the already quite good front forks to cbr swaps to get better brakes and modern tire ready 17" wheels.

    Lots of the stuff you need is gonna be NLA and extremely hard to find

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    If the weak spot is I'm the cams, shouldn't that be easily fixable with an aftermarket set?
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    Fuck all of you guys. Get into your little circle jerk and have fun. Thought this may be a pretty cool message board but damn, you guys are assholes.

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