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This is a discussion on Widest available tires within the Technical forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; "thanks" probably would have been an ok answer there. fyi, most people here who can give advice care more about functionality than looks. most people ...

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    "thanks" probably would have been an ok answer there.

    fyi, most people here who can give advice care more about functionality than looks. most people put a really wide tire on the back for looks - and people who care more about looks are unlikely to have the expertise to ride a machine to the edge of the envelope. I know I can't.

    the stock rim on that bike will work best with a 110. the various charts that I have found on the internet suggest you can go as high as 120, but that will increase tire roll. you can go really wide if call Buchanan's and tell them you want a wider rim, and they'll drill one to spec for you, and lace it up with new spokes if you send them your hub and lots of money. However, you're not going to get much wider without running into chain rubbing on the tire, or needing an offset set of sprockets (which you can probably get at large expense from Cycle Exchange). fucking around with those things is a rathole you won't climb out of without lots of money and frustration unless you really know what you're doing (I climbed in that rathole, too).

    It's also likely that your tire will rub at the front of your swingarm unless you do something about that, too. rubbing is no good, especially if it catches at speed, when you're in a corner and the tire deforms under load. can't tell you what might happen there from any experience, thankfully, but it can't be good.

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    Since you already have a tire, you may need to put a wider rim on. The cheapest and easiest way to do it is to find a dirtbike rear wheel with the same number of spokes, 40 probably, and the same brake type on e-bay. I just unthread the old nipples and relace the wider rim using the original spokes. A 130 on the original rim will probably be too narrow, but depending on the brand, it may work. I suspect that the rear of the 550 is a WM-3, 2.15 in. That will work for the Avon AM23, but not the Bridgestone BT 45. So check it out and see how it works.
    Tire width will affect handling especially if they are not well matched front and rear. I suspect that a 130 rear will probably want to push a 100 front. I would go with a 110 front if it was me, although that will make the front steer a little heavier if you like that.

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