scrambler straight pipe question

scrambler straight pipe question

This is a discussion on scrambler straight pipe question within the Technical forums, part of the Forums category; I'm still debating what I'm gonna do about an exhaust. For the people who are doing straight pipes-or scrambler straight pipes, how does this affect ...

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    scrambler straight pipe question

    I'm still debating what I'm gonna do about an exhaust. For the people who are doing straight pipes-or scrambler straight pipes, how does this affect the bike? How much louder is it? Do you have to re-jet? Is it a gain or loss of hp?

    So far i'm leaning towards a 2 into 1 or some modded scrambler pipes. Undecided...

    Any ideas?

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    my understanding is straight pipes work rather poorly on honda twins. A two into one system would be the preferred method of evacuating exhaust.

    I used a VW stinger exhaust as a megaphone for simplicity, sufficient street use, and removable baffle for when want a nice peaceful ride without annoying myself and others around me.

    video with no baffle, slightly lean, very loud....

    re-jetting depends from bike to bike depending on several variables. I was a bit lean when i went into a 2-1 scrambler system on my bike so i bumped up the mains on my cb175. runs like a champ.

    Hope this helps or sparks some imagination.

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    I ran straight pipes on my CL450 for about 8 minutes. WAAAYYY too loud and shitty hard to tune it.

    I'm planning a 2-1 for my CB450 that I'm currently into.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure i've decided on a Mac 2 into 1 or some other 2 into 1 that might work. If i get the Mac, i'll probably have it modded a little.

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    I've got a Mac 2-1 on my CM400 and it's annoying loud and just sounds like ass without the baffle. It's kinda raspy with just the baffle but even with a small section of gas packing, I could hear the carbs it was sooo quiet and the bike wasn't as snappy. I pulled it back out and I'll live with the raspiness. But for the price of the Mac you can't complain. Expecially if the stock pipes are a tetnis shot waiting to happen and on the verge of disintagrating like mine were.
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    What about running your straights with inserts ? Might get what you want out of them....

    6 bucks each at JC Whitney. Just sayin, .
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