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    Hi, I'm a newbie. I got a Yamaha xs360 for helping a coworker clean out and tear down his old shed. Complete, but no title. Carbs off the bike and float bowls removed. Everything appears to be there. I have a haynes manual, but no part #'s. Am having difficulty finding what carbs these are and the correct rebuild kit. ex: will a kit for an xs 400 work? The plan is to build this into a vintage racer. Would I be better off with a different platform?

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    what year?

    xs360 is basically a sleeved xs400. the platform is great, my xs is a hoss. poorly tuned it still starts one kick. it has had pieces falling off (my fault) and still gets me home albeit forced out of spite. as stout as this bike is, and as much abuse as i have put my xs400 through i can vouch for it being a worthy bike. but as far as an actual race track bike i cannot.

    a few things about it:
    very slim aftermarket. (heard it was more popular in europe than the states)
    you cannot run a battery eliminator w/ the stock stator.
    www.yamaha-motor.com -> sports -> parts and services ->parts catalog, you can look at fiche for the machine. compare part numbers to xs400s.
    there is a weird plug in the ignition pick-up cover, you cannot remove your rocker cover w/o pulling that plug and the cover. also you cannot adjust your timing.
    www.fastfromthepast.com has the appropriate sized clip-ons 33mm, and fork brace.

    the carburetor is the same for the xs400 and the 360 (mikuni bs34), HOWEVER the jetting, needles etc. are not. if yours is leaking a repair kit would repair it. I have heard that jets don't wear out though. so a good cleaning, and some gaskets ought to cover it.

    www.mikesxs.com (650 stuff, but some things cross over).
    www.stinky.jp and www.deus.com.au have several custom yamaha SRs which are very similar machine, (singles to the XS's twin) they were designed by the same man. he was inspired by british designs, BSA's Nortons, Triumphs etc. (sounds like a good platform to me)
    although not verified yet, i have a strong suspicion that lots of yamaha rd stuff will cross over.

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