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    I have just bought a 74 cb 750. I think its a k4. my front brakes squeal, and pop, when rolling at low speed. I suppose they do the same at high speed, but I cant hear it then.
    The last owner had ground down the center of the inner pad, (the one with the post sticking out of it)and i assume he was trying to flatten the center, in order to keep the pad from making these noises. Regardless, the pad still wobbles around after it is pinned in.
    Can someone tell me if these are the right pads? or were they the right pads before this grinding. The guy said they always did this even before he "modified" them. I have tried to flatten the pad a little more, but as soon as I apply pressure, the popping, and squealing begins again. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

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    It's a good chance the puck section of your brakes are not retracting like they should, which may require a rebuild kit. On the back of the pin of the non moving section of the brake - try adding a washer to keep the pad from being too loose.

    Your last option is to grease the pad....I'm kidding about that
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    well this is the K4 set up, i would say they are just old and worn out. a set of Parts Unlimited branded pads shouldn't run you $20. worst case just take them back.

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    Thanks guys, my mechanicing is ...marginal.. at best. Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Now,,, can anyone sell me a cb900c rear rotor? The part costs as much as the bike!

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