flames from exhursts

flames from exhursts

This is a discussion on flames from exhursts within the Technical forums, part of the Caferacer.net Forums category; i wish to set up a way of producing flames from my end can, any ideas?...

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    flames from exhursts

    i wish to set up a way of producing flames from my end can, any ideas?

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    ive seen kits for that, but for classic cars. motorcycles should burn off the fuel required in the exhaust for it to work...no gasoline vapor in exhaust, no flame.
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    the kits involve putting a spark plug in the end of your can

    an additional ignition coil

    a switch to kill the ignition

    which results in unburnt fuel in your pipe/can

    and then a spark across the can's plug to set off the pyrotechnics

    you can DIY very easily

    I am almost positive you can find useful how to vids on youtube and probably even home shop how to web pages including wiring diagram

    Now, what do you know of ebook readers that will translate pdf books into mp3 speech so I can have my ebooks read to me while I do other things?

    And if so, how about that works well for WM pocket pc or pocket pc running linux?

    If you can help me with that, then I am seeking the same but with a projected hologram which would pique and sustain my interest in xxx and/or motorcycle type things.
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    Hey dunstall...you still in touch with paul?

    I am restoring a 1972 Norton Proddy racer he converted to a full tilt 810cc bike and would like to pick his brain about it. The thing has all sorts of strange stampings I have never seen on a dunstall norton before but appear to have been done by Paul.

    Drop me an e-mail when you get a chance: [email protected]
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    Beware, as I hear that dumping all that unburnt fuel through your engine can cause undue wear. It'll wash the oil off the cylinder walls.
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