Racing Fuel Tank and Riding Technique

Racing Fuel Tank and Riding Technique

This is a discussion on Racing Fuel Tank and Riding Technique within the Vintage Motorcycle Racing forums, part of the Forums category; Some thoughts from a newbie... I had to make a panic stop over the weekend and it made me think about my (lack of) riding ...

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    Racing Fuel Tank and Riding Technique

    Some thoughts from a newbie... I had to make a panic stop over the weekend and it made me think about my (lack of) riding technique/style. It seems like when I had to squeeze the front brake hard, my arms were all locked-up trying to prevent my body sliding forward. It seems like if I had an oversized tank, when I brake, I would let the tank support my body weight instead of my arms. Is this what you guys do?

    My arms are also tensed when I'm on the gas. Probably a bum-stop on the seat would help in that situation.

    I guess I asking since I see photos of vintage racing CB's with stock gas tanks and seats and wonder how the heck they riding on the track that way.


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    Your arms should always be loose. You should be able to flap your elbows like a chicken, if you can't, you're too tense. Grip the tank with your knees and move forward on the seat.

    It'll be... uncomfortable... to let a tank stop you from moving forward. Squeezing the tank with the knees and some arm strength should be what you're using there.

    Everyone should practice panic stops, preferrably in a large open parking lot with nothing in the way. Just hammering the front brake can cause the front wheel to skid. That's bad. If the bike doesn't transfer weight on to the front wheel, it'll skid. You can progressively brake very hard, and it will give time for the weight to get on the front wheel, giving you more braking power.

    Practice just hammering on the front brake when your straight up/down and moving about 20mph. Front tire will probably slide a little, so be prepared to let off quickly. Then try braking progressively harder.

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