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This is a discussion on Latest Project within the Vintage Motorcycle Racing forums, part of the Forums category; Originally Posted by Cyorg I think the design is (more or less....actually a whole lot less) a copy of the original Electron ones that came ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyorg View Post
    I think the design is (more or less....actually a whole lot less) a copy of the original Electron ones that came from Stevenage, but It would seem some folks efforts to copy them hasn’t gone well, also problems with porosity and not machined properly. They are missing the webbing to support the brake arm pivot etc etc. The fellow that sent me the photo said he thought maybe the brake stays let go. Perhaps the fact that the rear scoops were ripped off may suggest he is right?? The shoes are a modern incarnation and may be converted Honda ones, so no more flexing. If they belong to the fellow that I think they do, then I also believe that some newer lininings with a much higher coefficient of friction had been installed. I wondered about the levers as well, and perhaps the length should have been reduced with the stiffer shoes and better linings. There is a set of what appear to be unused cast aluminum ones on EBay for a price that is relatively reasonable, but one of the photos does show porosity, so after seeing the above photo and their unknown origin, I think maybe buyer beware would apply!

    After thinking about it and consuming some caffeine, maybe these aren’t off the bike that I thought they were. If the bike had Bramptons or Girdraulics, then it wouldn’t be caused by broken brake stays.
    from a design standpoint the lever arm length wont make any difference to loads put into the cams or dead stops
    no m ore loads than a shorter lever arm,unless of course the brake shoes are glazed like glass and the rider simply panic grips the control lever,because the brake wont generate any heat.that is all a friction brake is is a very efficient machine to convert kinectic into heat by the process of friction
    if a brake is working efficiently making bookoo heat and if it has decent feel then a longer lever arm simply means less effort at the control lever
    now the thickness of the brake plate itself makes no difference either many have been just sheet metal
    with the shoe cam journals,axle boss, stay locations and dead stops all inclusive in a bar stock,cast,forged or billet fabrication tying all together to handle the loading with no flex,this is what enables the feel,besides a sturdy control cable lever assembly and correct adjustment which i have outlined in other posts

    on the units here the dead stop for the shoes is a seperate bolt in piece ,is it not ?
    and bolted in ,in a poor manner as well,to a thin lonely area of cast without any thought of even spreading out the huge bending loads the dead stop sees
    see if the dead stop is allowed to bend a bit flexing the casting it is attached to
    well then it will also attempt to pursuade the shoe into less than full contact ,which then requires more lever pull from the rider and the "cure" was longer actuation levers down below
    poor dumb bastards lol
    so in conclusion its the dead stops
    major flexing there because the mfg does not understand design ,it what cause the cast material which cannot for all practical purposes ,withstand continous flexing,to fail in the same way
    all a rider can hope for is to be thrown clear lol
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