Physical Training for racing

Physical Training for racing

This is a discussion on Physical Training for racing within the Vintage Motorcycle Racing forums, part of the Forums category; OK, I am old and fat. Last year the racing school and later 101 track day exhausted me physically. Especially my arms and hands. Any ...

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    Physical Training for racing

    OK, I am old and fat. Last year the racing school and later 101 track day exhausted me physically. Especially my arms and hands.

    Any ideas for some routines to get into a little better shape before the race school?

    While many racers are skinny like tex,rosko and others, I do see some guys with, ah, mature figures. What do some of you/them do to prepare?

    Fat Jack

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    eat pizza, drink beer, go skateboard and usually break something right before the season starts.. early may.. typical situation for me.



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    yeah, i'm mostly on the mattkins all carb program myself. otherwise, i fabbed up one of those oil barrel-woodstove kits and have been splitting wood to keep the garage warm enough to work on the bike. he who splits his own wood is warm twice... and a little less chunky come spring. seriously, since i broke my collarbone last summer i really chubbed out and will have to do a little more work to fit into the leathers in a couple months.

    but if your arms and hands were sore i'd really try to relax the upper body altogether and try to make the legs burn next time.


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    i just smoke cigarettes and drink.

    it's my own heroin too!

    well, legal for now.....

    can't somke in philly anymore, thus i drink outside the city.

    god bless america.


    p.s.- i'm betting that this isn't the advice you were looking for?

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    I do 40 minutes on the stationary bike a few times a week, lots of situps, pushups and some small time freeweight work on the upper body. The bike is the big thing....cardio baby.
    Makes a difference, you have to be able to do 20 minutes of hard riding.

    PS (this message posted from my new laptop)

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    There's a book titled: BODY FOR LIFE that you should be able to pick-up cheaply used off Amazon or even at a used bookstore. The author's name is Bill Phillips. It's a pretty common sense approach to diet and exercise. I've followed the program a couple times and dropped weight.


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    In the winter I ride a fixed gear MTB to and from work, about 5 miles total, 5 days a week. Low gearing gives me a comfortable 90 RPM. Good steady aerobic. Commute this way in all weather, rain, snow, ice whatever. I cross the bridge into (and out of) brooklyn twice a day. When it gets down into the teens the windchill on the bridge can get down to -20. Great fun. I figure all the ice and slipping around is good for the two wheel balance. Had not considered this exercise but I guess it is. It's just how I get to work. For fun after work and on the weekends if I can I'll hit the bowl for up to 6 hours at a time. I guess that'd be anaerobic exercise right? Short intense runs. Lots of practice falling. More good times.

    I'm also a vegetarian, have been since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Maybe 20 years? I guess that may be worth something. But all I eat is ice cream and cookies anyway. Really.

    I spent many, many years constantly inebriated. Done with that. Around the time I gave that up the smokin' went with it. So that'd be 4+ years ago.

    So I guess I'm like a freaking monk. In 'ziggy stardust' leathers.

    the short answer: buy a nice bicycle and ride to work.


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    My goal? 10 lbs in ten weeks! Here's my simple rules for dropping weight. Eat less(Duh), smaller portions, single portions, Less carbs(breads & pastas) and less fats, more veggies, no snacking after dinner, no soda or beer or chips. Couple of oranges and apples for during the day and a decent meal for dinner. Get on the scale in every day.
    200 to 190 by April 1st.

    Pre-race training- Ride the pit bikes a couple times a week for upper body conditioning. It really works!


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    I'm with Rosko on the bike to work plan. Been commuting most every day year round. That and the yard work have covered me on the solo bikes. The sidecar requires more strength than I usually have so I've been trying to use a little cheesy weight bench in my basement. Not much success on that. I usually hover between 160-165lbs with the upper body of a 12 year old.

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    I've been using a treadmill that we got for free. 1/2 hour sessions 4 times a week. I started just walking on it for the first month, then started running. I'm up to 2 miles with a warm up and cool down lap.
    It has made a huge difference in my stamina on the race bike. I've also got the weight bench out of storage and am starting slowly on that to build some upper body strength.
    When the weather gets a little easier for me to deal with I'll be riding my Kona. As Rosko says, time spent on 2 wheels is good!
    My goal is just better all around strength and stamina. If I happen to lose some weight as well, great, but I won't unless I change my consumption habits, which I doubt I'll do.
    What I've realized is that I could go fast on a bike for a few laps, and then I'd get tired and slow down. The guys behind me that were in better condition had a better chance to pass.
    I hate that.


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