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This is my first build and first time working on a bike, I bought a running 76 cb200t and plan on making it all cafe, only thing stopping me is the front break. Haven't had a chance to check out the junk yards yet being Memorial Day so I figured I'd ask while I wait.

The metal on the top most piece of the break is busted, and pulling the cable yields no pressure on the front wheel, so I'm pretty sure this break is junk. I've heard that getting a replacement front break is very hard, so in the event that I don't find one, does anyone have some alternative fixes I can try? Which would be harder, getting a new fork assembly or finding a way to machine shop a fitting break mount?

Thanks in advance


I have a nice front brake caliper that has been serviced, very nice cable, mounting brackets, brand new brake pads, ready to be installed.
Let me know if you are interested $200.
Thank you.