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Vintage Motorcycle Racing

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A place to discuss riding gear
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Get togethers, Meetings, Chance Happenings, Soirées, Confrontations, Assemblies, Rendezvous, Engagements, Powwows, Convocations, and just every so often, racing.
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  1. I tried this question on a Suzuki only site. " anyone know of a simple screw on gas cap that will fit these bikes (or at least ones I can try) so I can do away with the key locking type that is fitted OEM" This is because we plan to race these motorbikes is events where we will need to make...
  2. Hi all, my son has a Cafe Racer (customised Yamaha Scorpio 225), which he unfortunately dropped recently after hitting an oil patch. He’s okay thankfully, but while he’s incapacitated I’m tinkering and trying to put the bike back together. The bike fell and slid on its right hand side. It’s got...
  3. So, my SB8R Bimota is fighting me.....HARD Reason I ask for TL1000 help is because that is what the motor is for the bike. So, the history. Started bike after a long slumber and found the radiators to be leaking. The bike got hot, but I didnt think that the motor over heated. The bike had A...
  4. General
    Hello everyone. I really need your help. Faced such a problem as finding a trucking company. Someone may have used such companies recently. I need to move my moto. I am planning in the coming month. I hope for your quick answer and solutions to my question, thanks!
  5. I'm starting a new build, a 2000 Monster 900 and I want to remove the airbox. The problem is that the bike has no way to readjust the air-fuel mixture. I'm not sure if the ECU can be reflashed so I am thinking about installing a Bosch lambda sensor. This sensor has an output of between 0.2V...
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