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The place to find all the latest on CR.Net, including the "Ride of the Month" Contest
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Bikes, beer or whatever the hell else you want
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This is the place to introduce yourself, AFTER you've read the sticky at the top.
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Vintage Motorcycle Racing

USCRA, WERA Vintage, AHRMA, etc
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Project Builds

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Ask questions, give answers
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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
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A place to discuss riding gear
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Get togethers, Meetings, Chance Happenings, Soirées, Confrontations, Assemblies, Rendezvous, Engagements, Powwows, Convocations, and just every so often, racing.
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Caferacer FAQ's

General FAQ's

Please read, answers to a lot of commonly asked questions.
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Technical FAQ's

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Bikes For Sale

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Parts For Sale

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List items you're looking for
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Member Products

Items sold by our members
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Vendor Deals

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It’s easy to upgrade and repair your bike with products from
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Regional Clubs & Events

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  1. What the hell!!!! Admin finally shows up and bans a longtime member? What the fuck's the matter with you fools!
  2. I have been musing again, it's a horrible habit of mine. After much consideration and reflection I have come to the conclusion that the world of needs a new sticky-able thread. As the master thread starter I bring you the newest most awesomest thread ever... vintage racers from...
  3. [Not So Low] Budget Parts-Bin Bultaco Since someone asked, "Building a bike from scratch, worth it?" elsewhere on this forum (, I thought I would start a build log on my own budget scratch build. Okay, so at this...
  4. I'm starting a new build, a 2000 Monster 900 and I want to remove the airbox. The problem is that the bike has no way to readjust the air-fuel mixture. I'm not sure if the ECU can be reflashed so I am thinking about installing a Bosch lambda sensor. This sensor has an output of between 0.2V...
  5. Hi, I haven't posted for quite a while but I've finally retired, last week, so I thought I'd try again. I have cooled off on building crazy, modified, café bikes? and am now more interested in doing something a little more practical? I hope. I've still been buying up old Honda parts and stuff...
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