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  1. FINALLY!! My 1976 Honda CB360t BUILD / FIRST BIKE!

    Project Builds
    Hey guys im brand new to this site but I just got a 1976 Honda cb360t that im converting into a cafe racer. The bike does not run but has compression. All the wiring seemed to be in decent shape besides the fact that the previous guy took out the turn signals....those will need to be put back...
  2. CB350/450/550/750 Front Disk Brakes On CB125s

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm 16 and taking on a cafe build as a personal challenge. I have a 1976 Honda CB125s and I'm sure many owners have the same problems of the brakes just not stopping while moving at speed from what I have read on other forums. After about two weeks of fiddling with the...
  3. Hello from Destin, FL - Yamaha XS500 1976

    Just introducing myself! Just wanted to say hi. I recently got my first bike, a 1976 Yamaha XS500, and know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, but I picked it up for a very good price and always have been interested. I've been learning... slowly. It was already converted into a cafe racer...
  4. Bikes for sale in the Carolinas

    I'm interested in any bikes being sold around the NC/SC area. Mostly interested in older Hondas, but feel free to show me something new. I'm new to motorcycles and am trying to educate myself. I'd love to get a hold of a good 350-550 British bike of some sort, but I'm open to anything 350-550cc...