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  1. Technical
    Hello there, first time posting here and hoping for help. At this point I'm pretty desperate to fix my bike but haven't found any answers online or from my mechanic. Bike is a stock 78 cb550K and it's blowing white smoke out of number 2 exhaust. This happens after riding it for 5-7 mins when the...
  2. Technical
    Hey all, First post here and on any bike forum, after an intense amount of Googling, it seems I've hit a snag I can't fix without advice. I bought a cb125s J 1978 to renovate, it's almost complete, except the front brake. I just took apart the caliper and it's completely shot, bearings broken...
  3. Technical
    Hi all, So my friend and I have cleaned and rebuilt the VM26SS Mikuni carbs of a 1978 GS750 with pod filters attached to them. Wondering if anybody knows/have insights/experience how many turns out does the air screw and the fuel screw need to be? The motorcycle will be running with pod filters...
  4. Technical
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and my friend and I are in the process of making an old 1978 Suzuki GS750 run again. The previous owner before us tried to convert this bike into a cafe racer, however he left it unfinished. We were able to fix some of the stuffs like building a new seat...
  5. Project Builds
    Hey guys I'm Kevin, 24 from Detroit, MI. I just recently joined your forum. Here's a few shots of the bike I just picked up. Got everything broke down and ready for fabrication and powder coating. It came with a really sweet Tracy fiberglass body that I've got for sale.
1-5 of 5 Results