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  1. Project Builds
    Hey all, I received the a set of carbs from eBay, cannibalized the original set and set up the new one on the bike. Fired up instantly, few pops, but smoothed out after adjusting the rod with black knob at the "bottom" of the carbs. Problem is, when I touch the throttle, it hangs at 3.5k- 4k...
  2. Technical
    Hello all, Trying to figure out if I got scammed with my recent 1982 CB750k puchase. Took the off the headers and found a cut in the frame on the drivers right side: It looks like the frame has been cut and replaced from the right rear footpeg to under the headers. Here is the bracket near...
  3. Project Builds
    Hello fellas! I’m new here and I’m new on motorcycle world. And I have a lot of doubt, but my first is... Is the 1982 Suzuki GS750t a good bike for build a cafe racer? I bought this bike very cheap a month ago and I’d like to customize it, and I though in build a cafe racer. what you think...
  4. Technical
    Hey guys I need some help. I have a 1982 honda nighthawk 650. The front end is shot. Rusty blown and dry rot seals, just all beat up. My question is will a 1987 cbr 600 front end fit by swapping it out at the neck? Or what other bikes will fit?
1-4 of 5 Results