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  1. CB750K battery draining! HELP!

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    Hello everyone!, New to the forum, have tried everything i can possibly think to fix this issue, you guys are my last hope. It all started when i was heading home one day and my battery exploded! It was a lead acid battery. I replaced it with a NEW lithium ion battery with a battery tracker...
  2. Lithium battery conversion questions.

    I've been looking into lead acid battery alternatives and using a lithium battery seems like what I want to do. I'm not sure what capacity battery I want yet, whether I just want the lights on all the time, or to be able to use the starter too. The only rectifier/regulators I can find are the...
  3. cx500 wiring

    Hey guys I just bought my first motorcycle. It's a 79 cx500. I am planning a cafe racer conversion. First off I want to do pod filters and straight pipe it and rejet the carbs. But what can I do with the battery to hide it after I get rid of the factory air box and everything else in that area...
  4. 1978 honda cb400t

    I'm new to this, but, I have a 1978 honda cb400t. I'm trying to run it without a battery or key ignition, which leaves it as kick only. I am trying to use a compositor/battery eliminator. Has anyone been able to do this, or can give me some pointers on how to do this. The problem I'm having...
  5. Seat pan that can cover a battery???

    Gentleman, I would like to introduce myself.. I'm new to the cafe scene but have been riding for several years, i used to own an 2007 sv650.. loved it.. i just acquired a 1980 cb400 Hawk for 300.00.. Runs great and has an almost new transmission. I figured why not.. my question is does anyone...