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  1. BMW K100 runs rough, cuts out, won't start back up

    Greetings gents, Been having an odd problem with my K100. It'll start briefly if it's cold. After running rough at idle and stalling, I took the spark plugs out and all 4 were wet and had carbon buildup so I'm guessing the reason it won't start back up is flooded cylinders. If I unplug the...
  2. Bmw R80RT Cafe Racer Project

    Project Builds
    Hi guys, Bought myself my first ever cafe racer project over the weekend, a BMW R80RT. As you can see, i haven't wasted no time in taking off the fairing :D The idea behind me signing up for this forum is to hopefully get some advice and tips in what i should do to the bike and where i should...
  3. BMW R100-Cafe Racer Build - Nice Projet

    Project Builds
    Nice project with BMWR100 ! Can you make it ?????:):):)
  4. 1979 KZ1000 ST Cafe FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling my 1979 KZ1000 ST cafe racer. Nothing is wrong with the bike at all. Recently tuned. A lot of new parts and custom work. -new tires -new cafe tail -new tail light and head light -new grips -custom seat -Kerker exhaust -battery and blinker wiring all hidden under tail -totally stripped...
  5. Caferization of BMW R65 - Looking For Good Seat

    Hello all, I am new to the forum. A few months ago I purchased a 1986 BMW R65. Good condition with about 40K on it. I have disassembled much of it but am beginning to do some research on seats. By happenstance I came across Motorcycles Seats Direct and sent the customer rep. an email. I also...
  6. Need support for suitable BMW R60/7 Cafe tires

    Dear friends, I'm from Turkey and the cafe racer style is not so popular or known in my country. So I need your valuable suggestions for my cafe racer project. I just bought a 1977 BMW R60/7. Original tire sizes are 3,25 S19 Front, 4,00 S18 Rear. I wanna replace the rear tire with bigger size...
  7. BMW r100 info

    Hey, My boyfriend recently picked up a older BMW r100, and is really excited to start working on it. I (being a girl) know nothing about these, can you guys share a bit of knowledge? What's so special about this bike? What's the engine like? How many ccs? How's the handling? What makes this...
  8. BMW R100RS Cafe Racer Race tires, Does anyone know where to get these?!

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what size these tires are and where to get them? The rims are 19 in front and 18 in back. Standard for alot of the R's. I have the same rims, But i want these tires. Not sure where I found this pick so i cant ask the owner if he went 120 or 130 on the back, or if...