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  1. General
    Scam-alert! Do not buy from spanish cafe racer site: =AT16r8tBm_PhO4Z02mMCdW2OUpb1kZd55s1IIK7NK48ezVrOfWosS7cPwwK2JG1cwMDTBJjyKD0mbOrhz-hfEkrbJXBdmw2s28IaXtYu9pwJkDXBmP-Zg_t-5gwXvXcVFvRwLuA8jeo257hR7llEL055T8o7XdENWJ1cP4X5pOoXa7zXR_nqGuKuoo9wRjNhE8silTo69dZooBE'] So...
  2. Project Builds
    Hey guys, I have an 1981 bmw R100RS, it comes with the uglier new black Airfilter which jets out over the top of the engine block. like this one. BMW R100GS R100GSPD Airhead Breather Box Air Box | eBay I want to replace it with the older version one which i've been seeing people do like...
1-2 of 2 Results