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  1. FINALLY!! My 1976 Honda CB360t BUILD / FIRST BIKE!

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    Hey guys im brand new to this site but I just got a 1976 Honda cb360t that im converting into a cafe racer. The bike does not run but has compression. All the wiring seemed to be in decent shape besides the fact that the previous guy took out the turn signals....those will need to be put back...

    Hey guys! Brand new to the site and I wasn't going to post just yet but i've been saving for a bike and all of a sudden got some CL options for the cb550 that I want. If any could pass on advice on which machine to choose from looking at the post links i'm all ears...
  3. Help choosing attractive two person seat for Cafe project

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    So, a few months back my perfect condition 96 Honda cb250 was stolen. It was recovered two weeks later, but with almost everything cosmetic stripped off, some parts were replaced with inferior parts, the bike was poorly spray painted and the rear of the frame was chopped off. I am a huge fan of...
  4. 1975 Yamaha RS125 Rebuild and Ascendance.

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    So Hi there my name is Alain im 21 from the tiny sunny island of Malta. I love cars and anything on wheels, I am a Database Developer and geek by trade, Im a petrolhead and a geek at the same time. Building an old 1975 mini to go rallying and pleasure rides in, I always wanted a bike and wanted...
  5. 1975 Honda CB125s Cafe racer/brat build

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    This is my first build, I am relatively new to all of this so I would love help and input from more experience people on this. I have a 1975 Honda CB125s, I'm going to be turning it into a cafe racer/brat style build. Im wondering what are some of the better sites for getting parts, also what...
  6. 74 cb350 four swingarm options. Looking for longer.

    I'm buildingba 74 cb350 four and wanted to push the rear back a bit, around a couple inches. I was somewhat curious as to if any longer singarms will bolt up, or if there are any that with minimal modification will work and hiw to go about those modifications. Thanks in advance!
  7. What is the best CB to buy?

    Help me decide on CB Hello All, I am interested in having a CB commissioned to be built. I can't decide what size as I'm getting so many different opinions. I have never owned a CB- most of my experience is with Yamaha dirt bikes. Coming from that I like a lighter bike and want a tracker/brat...
  8. First CB550 cafe transformation

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    Hey guys, first post here. Just started riding and getting into bike, my favorite and only preferred atheistic is the cafe/scrambler or whatever ya wanna call it minimalist bikes and I just picked up this cb550 with a Corbin seat and other than the obvious seat replacement and clubman bars etc I...
  9. Yamaha 1979 XS1100F Brat Build

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    Bike History: I'm the third owner of this motorcycle and only the second to put miles one her. The original owner put 11 miles on it before it before passing away. After that it sat well wrapped on top of a mountain at his cabin for 12+ years. The second owner was a family friend of the first...
  10. Fork switch for my GS550 -79

    Hi, I have a Suzuki GS 550 1979, who I'm gonna build a bratcafe of it. My question is; Can I switch my original front setup (incl. triple tree) to, for example the hayabusas, - Is this switch possible? If it´s not possible to make the switch, does anybody know if I can get a hub from a newer...