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  1. Must Have Power Tools-Especially Welders

    I'm looking at planning the build of a cafe racer project. It currently looks like it's going to be cb600 based as I've seen a few builds that seem on the whole relatively straight forward. I'm going to be doing this on my driveway/in my apartment courtyard as I have no garage and I'm looking at...
  2. Triple 6 1980 GS850

    Project Builds
    About 2 months ago I picked up my first bike. When I got it, it was kinda hacked together, it had a Harley rear fender, a Harley brake lever (the bars are 7/8" and the Harley handle was a 1", so P/O used duct tape and some scrap steel to make it fit, but it would move around and it just felt...
  3. Custom frame design comments/concernces/constructive criticism

    Project Builds
    Alright, y'all. Not sure if this belongs here or in technical, but I'm assuming this is okay. I've got an ambitious project in the works currently. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major in my junior year at Ohio State. I've done a lot with suspension and carbon fiber molding with the Formula SAE...
  4. FINALLY!! My 1976 Honda CB360t BUILD / FIRST BIKE!

    Project Builds
    Hey guys im brand new to this site but I just got a 1976 Honda cb360t that im converting into a cafe racer. The bike does not run but has compression. All the wiring seemed to be in decent shape besides the fact that the previous guy took out the turn signals....those will need to be put back...
  5. Suzuki Gr 650 cafe my first project

    Project Builds
    Hi all, I'm recent member of this forum from Italy. I started recently my first project, I bought a Suzuki Gr 650 and in the free time i modify that at my home. I'm a student and in the weekend I work but I try to do everything at home and buy less possible. I really love motor bike and all...
  6. Hello, i'm new from Italy

    I'm 24, I found this forum running around the web, it's a pleasure to be part of it. I am a college student, always passionate about everything that surrounds the world of engines. I was fortunate enough to be able to grow on a saddle, after I start the maintenance of my engine recently I start...
  7. Honda CD250u 1989 - Learning Riding and Building at the Same time

    Project Builds
    Hi All, I'm new around these parts but have long had a passion for cafe racers. I am currently learning to ride (Learner permit in NSW, Australia) and have recently bought a used motorbike. Meet Nancy, a Honda CD250U 1989. Picked her up recently for what was an OK price for a first bike...
  8. What is the best CB to buy?

    Help me decide on CB Hello All, I am interested in having a CB commissioned to be built. I can't decide what size as I'm getting so many different opinions. I have never owned a CB- most of my experience is with Yamaha dirt bikes. Coming from that I like a lighter bike and want a tracker/brat...
  9. First Build ('72 CL175) Questions

    I just picked up a '72 Honda CL175 for a AHRMA racer and am looking for any guidance/resources to provide some step-by-step directions on what to do and not do for the build. Also looking for good sources for parts. Any information provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Newbie First Build

    General FAQ's
    Hi guys! My name is Bang and I'm very new to the motorcycle community. I had a bike but my dad wrecked it so now I'm thinking of building one! I have very little experience with bikes and looking for help. So I guess my first question is should I start with a frame up or buy a used bike and take...
  11. Some Photoshop Work I have done

    In these pictures I show how I took someones cafe racer and made it into a cafe racer that I would like. I am able to take just about any motorcycle image and turn it into a Cafe Racer that you would like to see. If you have a tough time visualizing a certain part on your cafe racer or you are...
  12. CB450SC carburetor and rejet

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I have an '86 nighthawk 450 and I am converting it to a cafe bike. I've been riding for quite a few years but this is my first build. I'm hoping someone out there has done a rejet for the carburetors and may be able to give me a starting point. This is...
  13. cb450 cafe racer 1973 almost done

    Project Builds
    so here is my build. she started as a old storage unit find and i brought her back to life. i rebored her and rejet to pod filters and a full cleaning. i still have the decals to put on and the front fender i need to cut, tig weld, and paint. but she is running pretty good right now still a...