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  1. 1978 Suzuki GS750 Wiring Inquiry

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and my friend and I are in the process of making an old 1978 Suzuki GS750 run again. The previous owner before us tried to convert this bike into a cafe racer, however he left it unfinished. We were able to fix some of the stuffs like building a new seat...
  2. What are you tall guys riding?

    I really want to build a custom cafe racer, but I'm quite tall (191cm/6'3"), and can't figure out which frame to base it on. I want a frame like the BMW R-series (4 sided tube frame, with a bolt on subframe), 4 cylinder, and most important, I want to be able to fit on the bike. What do you guys...
  3. Cafe racer build

  4. Yahama XV 535 - Cafe project

    Project Builds
    Hello - My name is Noel, and I recently joined this forum. I did search through the forum to see if my specific questions had been answered - no luck Recently got my licens, and bought an Yamaha XV535. Been riding it for a while, and I think it's time to change it up a bit. Always been fond of...
  5. New Vintage Motorcycle PODCAST

    Hey everyone - just wanted to share a new Cafe Racer and Vintage Motorcycle Podcast that's out there now. My name is Steve 'Fenix' Maes, I'm an avid motorcycle rider and builder - specifically vintage bikes. I am one of the hosts and creator of the show and making it my mission to keep the cafe...
  6. Triple 6 1980 GS850

    Project Builds
    About 2 months ago I picked up my first bike. When I got it, it was kinda hacked together, it had a Harley rear fender, a Harley brake lever (the bars are 7/8" and the Harley handle was a 1", so P/O used duct tape and some scrap steel to make it fit, but it would move around and it just felt...
  7. Best cafe racer style fuel tank to fit a 1995 Honda Nighthawk 250

    Project Builds
    I am converting a 1995 Honda Nighthawk 250 into a cafe racer with my son. We want to swap out the fuel tank? Any recommendations on fuel tank that fits without modification? Thanks
  8. 1973 Honda CB350G Cafe Racer - First Bike Build

    Project Builds
    Hello everyone! New member here. I'm more of a sport bike kind of guy but I developed a new love for vintage motorcycles that is an entirely different world. I bought a '73 Honda CB350G about 4 years ago in boxes in bins and in about 17 months, I built my first little cafe racer. I can...
  9. 1976 Yamaha RD400 Caf� Racer or Vintage Race Bike

    Bikes For Sale
    1976 Yamaha RD400 Café Racer or Vintage Race Bike Ready to race or enjoy on the street. Very beautiful and fast RD400; successfully raced at Loudon, NH in USCRA Formula RD and Middleweight Production for two seasons with many 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Approximately 1:30 lap times. Over $4500...
  10. FINALLY!! My 1976 Honda CB360t BUILD / FIRST BIKE!

    Project Builds
    Hey guys im brand new to this site but I just got a 1976 Honda cb360t that im converting into a cafe racer. The bike does not run but has compression. All the wiring seemed to be in decent shape besides the fact that the previous guy took out the turn signals....those will need to be put back...
  11. Honda CB750 Custom by Thirteen And Company

    This raw looking, ready to roll Honda CB750 custom by Thirteen and Company comes right out of a racer’s heart. A Los Angeles based builder of this custom motorcycle, is led by a former racer Kyle Vara. Kyle, who has been around motorcycles since his infancy, grew up to be an accomplished racer...
  12. Suzuki Gr 650 cafe my first project

    Project Builds
    Hi all, I'm recent member of this forum from Italy. I started recently my first project, I bought a Suzuki Gr 650 and in the free time i modify that at my home. I'm a student and in the weekend I work but I try to do everything at home and buy less possible. I really love motor bike and all...
  13. Honda CD250u 1989 - Learning Riding and Building at the Same time

    Project Builds
    Hi All, I'm new around these parts but have long had a passion for cafe racers. I am currently learning to ride (Learner permit in NSW, Australia) and have recently bought a used motorbike. Meet Nancy, a Honda CD250U 1989. Picked her up recently for what was an OK price for a first bike...
  14. Bmw R80RT Cafe Racer Project

    Project Builds
    Hi guys, Bought myself my first ever cafe racer project over the weekend, a BMW R80RT. As you can see, i haven't wasted no time in taking off the fairing :D The idea behind me signing up for this forum is to hopefully get some advice and tips in what i should do to the bike and where i should...
  15. 1984 Honda HONDA VF700S SABRE CAFE

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    If interested for details message me. Thanks
  16. TRX850 Cafe Racer

    Project Builds
    Hi Gents, So late last year I got a cheap TRX850 and so.... project time. Here is how it starts... badly shitter.. Notice the Wheels.... Marchesini. I sold those for more than I paid for the bike !!! and the Brakes... Brembos.... SOLD as well.. and forks and dash and so on. Removal...
  17. 1982 Yamaha Virago xv750 Cafe Racer custom

    Bikes For Sale
    I am selling my 1982 Yamaha Virago XV750 that was converted into a unique café racer. I bought this originally from a Dealer in California last summer. The reason for the sale is I have not been able to ride this bad boy enough. I have put less than 12 miles on the bike. My virago was locally...
  18. Ichiban Moto Stickers and T-Shirts are available again for an unlimited time !

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  19. Limited edition cafe racer t-shirt

    * NOT SELL IN STORE AND OTHER WEBSITE. - Wear your passion and pride with this one-of-a-kind limited edition graphic tee! - These limited edition shirts will only be available for a limited amount of time. Get one now, or miss out forever! - Each shirt is 100% designed, printed, and shipped...
  20. 1975 Honda CB125s Cafe racer/brat build

    Project Builds
    This is my first build, I am relatively new to all of this so I would love help and input from more experience people on this. I have a 1975 Honda CB125s, I'm going to be turning it into a cafe racer/brat style build. Im wondering what are some of the better sites for getting parts, also what...