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  1. Kawasaki Z250 Cafe Racer for sale

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    SOLD!!!! Hi Everyone, For Sale is my completely rebuilt redesigned 1980 Kawasaki Z250C. Everything possible has been done to this bike and I started from scratch. Respray both frame, tank and engine. For the Engine: New valves, rings, gaskets and cam. New Brakes, tyres, LED Blinkers, Handle...
  2. 1983 GS650G Cafe Project

    Project Builds
    So,I got a hold of this bike a few months back from a kid who had gotten it from a family friend in Illinois,completely rust free,gorgeous bike.It is my every day driver now that my other Suzi its totaled,ill keep you updated as I clean her up,in the meantime let me know what you guys think...
  3. Hybrid Gas/Electric Cafe Racer: how I got started.

    Project Builds
    Hi, because of renewed interest, I restarting a thread on the building of my Hybrid gas/electric motorcycle. First, I would recommend you see the website: Classic Hybrids: The Hybrid Motorcycle Project | Unique Custom Cyles & Restorations.... This will provide a lot of info. I guess the first...
  4. My first build - CB900C cafe racer

    Project Builds
    Hi, in the middle of my first build and wanted to share a few pics. Started out as a 1981 Honda CB900C in October and did a few improvements since. Hope to get some feedback and input on how to improve. Most of the work done are all first for me and I am learning as I go - thank god for...
  5. To clubman or not to clubman that is the question

    Hey guys and gals! I bought my first cafe racer hope to be project. its a 1986 Honda Transalp. I don't like the look of the dirt bike styles it has so I want it to look like a cb200. It looks like I will have to lower it some how and put a different gas tank on it. Im ok with the look of the...
  6. CBX 1000 Cafe Racer build

    Project Builds
    Hey All... Here are some pics of my recently finished CBX1000 Cafe Racer in custom frame, custom everything... actually the only thing left from the Donor bike is the engine and that has just been removed again to have a couple of upgrades... to take it out to 1425cc and about 165hp at the...
  7. 1980 kz750 ltd-h1 project

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  8. Help with TIRE issue !

    I have fallen in love with the FIRESTONE DELUX CHAMPION tire, but it does not exist in a 15inch… Grrrr !!! Does anyone know of an alternative VINTAGE 15 inch tire, it is for a Cafe Racer project? Please help !!!! Best Regards Michael Jorgensen Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. 1975 Suzuki TS185 Rebuild/Cafe/Thing

    Project Builds
    Hey fellow enthusiasts, this is my first time posting a thread, so please be patient with my slow posting times and responses. This thread is about the first and only two motorcycles i own, and how i am building a cafe racer type bike out of them. A bit about the bikes; My dad bought the two...
  10. Honda VF400F (1984) Caf�-Racer build

    Project Builds
    Honda VF400F (1984) Café-Racer build Hello guys, my name is Jan, living in southern France, in Céret to be precise :-) But this thread is not about me but my bike. Make : Honda Model : VF400FD (Interceptor) Type : NC13 Some cool details : V-Engine, 16V, 4 Stroke, 55HP at 12.500 RPM The...
  11. My Project 79/82 CB650

    Hey peeps, Some of you may remember from this intro thread a few months back: My supposedly naive and delusional goal of building a cafe racer as my first bike has come to reality and I thought I'd share my...
  12. '82 CB450SC Waste of money?

    Project Builds
    So a friend of mine's mother gave me her 1982 Honda 450 Nighthawk to use as transportation while I was in college. Now I ride a lot of BMW bikes and use this Honda as a fun little project. Problem is I have 3 bikes and a car, so as a renter I feel like I need to sell some stuff... I am in the...
  13. Some Photoshop Work I have done

    In these pictures I show how I took someones cafe racer and made it into a cafe racer that I would like. I am able to take just about any motorcycle image and turn it into a Cafe Racer that you would like to see. If you have a tough time visualizing a certain part on your cafe racer or you are...
  14. First project: 1972 Honda CB500-F.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum, so greetings! I just bought a 1972 Honda CB500-F and hope to have it fully cleaned/rebuilt and turn it into a cafe racer by the end of this summer. This is my first project, so I'm gonna need your help! -Aaron
  15. 1976 CB 550 build by Bedlam Werks

    Project Builds
    Hi guys, We recently finished up a 1976 CB 550 build, and I'd like to get your thoughts on it. Here are a few pics... We customized the frame, fabricated the seat pan and tank, and did some performance mods and lightened it up. You can see more pictures and read a more detailed description...
  16. Yamaha

    So, I am an older guy with time. I have not owned a bike in 25 years. Never rebuilt one. Nonetheless, I am looking for something to do and was considering buying this bike. 1971 yamaha cs3 200 It is a Yamaha CS3 200. Does not run (has not run in 25 years). Thoughts? Thanks much. Old...
  17. Fork switch for my GS550 -79

    Hi, I have a Suzuki GS 550 1979, who I'm gonna build a bratcafe of it. My question is; Can I switch my original front setup (incl. triple tree) to, for example the hayabusas, - Is this switch possible? If it´s not possible to make the switch, does anybody know if I can get a hub from a newer...
  18. 1985 Honda VF700S Sabre Cafe project

    Project Builds
    Hi all. I just joined the forum and thought I'd share this project. First, a bit about who I am. My real name is Dino and I work as a European Auto Tech here in North Carolina. I've been wrenching on cars and bikes since 1975. I rebuilt my first motorcycle back then.. a Yamaha 80cc 2-stroke...
  19. 1973 cb500/550/592 big bore (k and s switch wiring problems)

    so i have been working on a 1973 cb500 for about three months now. so far the engine has been swapped with a 77 cb550 engine and then bored out. i used vintage yoshimura rods, new higher comp pistons and a few other goodies. the tank and frame have been painted as well as a metal seat pan. the...