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  1. Project Builds
    So,I got a hold of this bike a few months back from a kid who had gotten it from a family friend in Illinois,completely rust free,gorgeous bike.It is my every day driver now that my other Suzi its totaled,ill keep you updated as I clean her up,in the meantime let me know what you guys think...
  2. Project Builds
    Hey fellow enthusiasts, this is my first time posting a thread, so please be patient with my slow posting times and responses. This thread is about the first and only two motorcycles i own, and how i am building a cafe racer type bike out of them. A bit about the bikes; My dad bought the two...
  3. Project Builds
    I am transforming my bike and will be posting pics as I go. Here is how she started.
  4. Project Builds
    Can I use Stock CBR clipons, on a cl350, a clipons pretty universal?
  5. Technical
    Hi, I have a Suzuki GS 550 1979, who I'm gonna build a bratcafe of it. My question is; Can I switch my original front setup (incl. triple tree) to, for example the hayabusas, - Is this switch possible? If it´s not possible to make the switch, does anybody know if I can get a hub from a newer...