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  1. Project Builds
    Hey all, I received the a set of carbs from eBay, cannibalized the original set and set up the new one on the bike. Fired up instantly, few pops, but smoothed out after adjusting the rod with black knob at the "bottom" of the carbs. Problem is, when I touch the throttle, it hangs at 3.5k- 4k...
  2. Technical
    Hi! I'm fairly new to the whole bike thing, so I thought it was a good idea to register here and try to keep up with all the advice. I bought a 1977 Honda cb750f earlier this month and gradually want to change a couple of stuff. This week I noticed 2 of my 4 connections between my air filter...
  3. Project Builds
    I just finishen first year rebuilding my café racer.....and only one problem. I can start the motor but in idle and only with 100% choker.... If i try to speed a little up then the motor stop..... See here: Caféracer projekt - Stylingprojekter - Fotos fra Torben A
1-3 of 3 Results