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  1. Project Builds
    Hey guys, I got my hands on a 1983 Honda CB1000C and I'm loving it. I've got the cafe style going pretty well on it but I'm not a huge fan of the forks with the air adjustments. I've heard air adjustment forks were just one of those experimental bike things from the 80s that didn't really work...
  2. Wanted
    Wasnt too sure where to post this so i figured this fit the best. i have a project cb1000c that im working on, basically just cleaning and rewiring, should run but i havent tried since i got it because of the wiring, everything inside the engine is clean and is in good condition but you never...
  3. General
    just some questions, i have a 1983 cb1000c, from what ive heard its all the same parts from the 750-1100 just different bores, is this true? it would be a godsend to be able to find parts if i can use multiple bikes as the search condition instead of a bike that was only made for 1 year like...
1-3 of 3 Results