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  1. 1981 Honda CB125S. Looking for some direction and tips.

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    Hello, Recently picked up a 1981 Honda CB125S for 200 bucks. Bike had sat for about10 years and wasn't running but I figured it could probably tinker with it and get it going. Got it home and the gas tank was full of rust and gunk so it is getting cleaned right now. Replaced the battery and got...
  2. New Member from Chicago

    New Member from Hello all,
  3. 1981 Cb125s stalling, then not starting

    I posted on here a few weeks ago about buying a honda 1979 185T. Everyone told me no, it was a bad choice because it had a bad piston ring. So firstly, thank you to everyone who gave me that advice. I ended up buying a 1981 CB125s with 6k miles on it. It already had the straight clubman...