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  1. 74 Honda CB350 Twin

    Hi everyone! So I'm just going to jump right in. I've recently bought a 1970 Honda SL350 K0 that has a 74 Honda CB350 Twin motor. The bike idles great at around 1,100 just sitting in the drive way and on a quick trip around the block. But when you ride it for a longer period of time it starts...
  2. What swingarm and hub will fit a CB350T from 1969?

    Think this is my biggest change of getting a solution on my problem. First of all, I have a CB350 twin from 1969. I about to swap the fork on the 350 to a fork from a CB500 to get the front disc brake setup. On this 18" rim I know I can fit a 4.00 Firestone Vintage tire (have that setup on my...
  3. 1973 Honda CB350G Cafe Racer - First Bike Build

    Project Builds
    Hello everyone! New member here. I'm more of a sport bike kind of guy but I developed a new love for vintage motorcycles that is an entirely different world. I bought a '73 Honda CB350G about 4 years ago in boxes in bins and in about 17 months, I built my first little cafe racer. I can...
  4. Question about cb350 front end

    Hey guys, so I'm new to the forum and new to motorcycles so please don't make fun of me for asking stupid questions haha! So I've recently picked up a 1973 Honda CB350. One of the things I have been wondering is regarding the front end. So this is what my bike currently looks like: Here is...
  5. Honda CB350f Engine troubles and leaking carburettors

    Hey Guys, My Dad and I are in need for a bit of advice regarding our current project. We have been turning a 1972 Honda CB350/4 into Cafe style racer and have hit a snag in the final stages of the rebuild. When we first got the bike we managed to get it started without too much hassle. Since...
  6. CB/CL/SL Cam Chain Tensioner Rollers

    Parts For Sale
    For those of you looking for something much better than the rubber NOS rollers, I have CNC machined versions out of chromolly steel of both the upper and lower rollers. They will fit CB/CL/SL motorcycles. Upper roller is a sprocket, lower is a smooth roller. Each have high quality needle roller...
  7. New Member from Chicago

    New Member from Hello all,
  8. CB350 Twin Stuff/ Vintage Racer

    Parts For Sale
    CB CL SL 350 Twin Carbs x 5 $100 Lot of 5 carbs from various years CB/ CL/ SL 350 twins. Will need rebuilds and going through, selling as parts only. All butterflies work freely, no gumm up or heavy corrosion. All have diaphragm's, which are the most valuable part on them. I'll give it a couple...
  9. CB175 tank on CB350?

    Hi all, I have done some searching here and well as elsewhere on the interwebs, but I could not find a definitive answer. I am looking to get a replacement tank, and then smaller CB175 looks like a good option. The petcock looks to be in the same place, but does anyone know if the CB175 will...
  10. Hello from NYC, MOVING ON UP!

    Hey Guys so i have been riding for a couple years not a bike but a scooter started with some bullshit scooter that was given to me a 50cc then bought a yamaha zuma 125. I loved that thing easy to get around fast but not too fast( but someone stole it ). I wanted to start or get a cafe racer but...