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  1. Front wheel issue (offset to one side) cb350f

    so i laced up my third set of wheels and trued them to within .0314 (around 1/32) verified by dial indicator on truing stand. i thought all was good to go at that point so i had the tire mounted and yet again checked for any changes and made minimal adjustments. it was still around that 1/32nd...
  2. Honda CB350f Engine troubles and leaking carburettors

    Hey Guys, My Dad and I are in need for a bit of advice regarding our current project. We have been turning a 1972 Honda CB350/4 into Cafe style racer and have hit a snag in the final stages of the rebuild. When we first got the bike we managed to get it started without too much hassle. Since...
  3. 74 cb350 four swingarm options. Looking for longer.

    I'm buildingba 74 cb350 four and wanted to push the rear back a bit, around a couple inches. I was somewhat curious as to if any longer singarms will bolt up, or if there are any that with minimal modification will work and hiw to go about those modifications. Thanks in advance!