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    Hey everyone I just bought a cb360 that is at tye start of the transition to a cafe racer but some problems with it. I need a new battery and I could use some help finding the sleekest battery that will still operate the electric start. Any suggestions will help.
  2. General
    I'm having trouble with my carbs I no longer have the stock airbox and from what I can I find the 360 runs poorly with pods my bike has a hesitation or loss of power at mid throttle this goes away when the put the choke on about 1/8 to 1/4 from what I understand its because the pods throw off...
  3. Technical
    So earlier this year I decided to build a vintage bike for speed week 2015. I am finishing work on the frame, and all the carbon composite bits and pieces. I am down to the swingarm and am having a bit of trouble finding a suitable extension kit or viable swap for the bike. I plan on pushing the...
  4. Member Products
    At last, after a long time being developed and tested, Ive finally manufactured sets of camchain guides + blades for these bikes. For ease Im selling through eBay. Im based in the UK and all set up to post to the USA as required. Even better - Im using them in my CB engines; if its dry this...
  5. Project Builds
    So, I just joined the site. So first of all "Howdy". I have a '76 cb360t and am looking to replace the front forks with more modern ones...I can do this, but it seems i might have to sacrifice my spokes if I do that, which would suck. I wouldn't mind going with new allow wheels, but how in the...
  6. Wanted
    Hi, I am rebuilding a 1974 Honda Cb360 and turning it into a cafe racer project. I bought the bike without the side cover plastic/fiberglass panels. I need both left and right sides. I do not care about the color or if it has the original decals because I would like to customize the look...
  7. Project Builds
    Quick intro: My four children (9 boy, 8 girl, 6 girl, 4 boy)and I have been working on this shed find for about 1 year now and have made great progress. We have rebuilt front breaks, cleaned and adjusted carbs, dismantled anything that has a screw and cleaned it up and removed the horrible wind...
  8. Wanted
    please message me or email me at [email protected] and we can work out a deal thanks
1-8 of 8 Results