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  1. TIME SERT steel threads for Old Hondas

    Just thought I would throw in my experience on this site, because it has helped me in the past. I bought a 1981 CB400t as a fix and sell, knowing there were a couple issues with it out of the gate. One of which was the drain plug had been overtightened, stripping the threads and causing a...
  2. 78' Honda CB400T: Help Needed

    Project Builds
    Hey all, recently got my hands on a Honda cb400t. I'm completely new to motorcycles, parts, and building. I've come to this forum to get the basics and possibly develop my skills along the way. The bike was in pretty rough shape when i got it and I've just been doing research on parts and...
  3. 1978 honda cb400t

    I'm new to this, but, I have a 1978 honda cb400t. I'm trying to run it without a battery or key ignition, which leaves it as kick only. I am trying to use a compositor/battery eliminator. Has anyone been able to do this, or can give me some pointers on how to do this. The problem I'm having...
  4. Hi!

    Hi everyone, I hope all are well. It's finally thawing out here in the Northeast, and if you are like me, thoughts are heading in the direction of getting our rides ready, all of the maintenance we need to do, all the projects that are 75% complete but have 90% to go. For me, it is my...
  5. Callin out CB400T hawk owners and Honda gurus

    hey everyone. I am writing from New Delhi and need info regarding the CB400T '78-79 model bikes. These are really hard to find in India and I have found one with a running engine(46k km on the odo). I wanted to know if these bikes were made differently for different markets performance wise. The...
  6. restricted version of CB400T Hawks?!

    Hello I am writing from New Delhi and I wanted some info regarding the Honda CB400Tii HAWK '78-79 models. There arent many of them around here n I happened to have found one. Looked around for info about them n I found that they were just about decent for a first project. So, youtube' a couple...