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  1. 69 Honda cb450 k2

    Project Builds
    Well after spending some time perusing the site i can tell this is gonna hurt, but new guy on the forum so ill just drop this bar of soap right here and take the inevitable... About to purchase said bike and begin build with my son-im stuck betwixt keeping it original or going with theme and im...
  2. Salvage Header 1970 CB450

    Good Evening All, New to as of today. I just picked up a very mint 1970 CB450 and am going to begin tear down shortly. I am planning on a scrambler/brat style (forgive me I'm new, and hope thats not a crime). I will be trying to do this as a reclamation bike, salvaging parts...
  3. '82 CB450SC Waste of money?

    Project Builds
    So a friend of mine's mother gave me her 1982 Honda 450 Nighthawk to use as transportation while I was in college. Now I ride a lot of BMW bikes and use this Honda as a fun little project. Problem is I have 3 bikes and a car, so as a renter I feel like I need to sell some stuff... I am in the...
  4. CB450SC carburetor and rejet

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I have an '86 nighthawk 450 and I am converting it to a cafe bike. I've been riding for quite a few years but this is my first build. I'm hoping someone out there has done a rejet for the carburetors and may be able to give me a starting point. This is...
  5. cb450 cafe racer 1973 almost done

    Project Builds
    so here is my build. she started as a old storage unit find and i brought her back to life. i rebored her and rejet to pod filters and a full cleaning. i still have the decals to put on and the front fender i need to cut, tig weld, and paint. but she is running pretty good right now still a...