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  1. Hi from the Mother State of Cold Weather, Minnesota.

    Hello fellow Cafe Racer fans, My name is Dana and I currently reside in Minnesota. I have been a motorcycle and car enthusiast for as long as I can remember and now - at the age of 28 - I am preparing to buy my first motorcycle. Not only that, but whichever bike I purchase, I will slowly...
  2. 73 Honda cb500 bad transmission

    Noob thread So, I've had my 73 cb500 (first bike) for about a year now. Just got my engine running, only to find that the transmission is bad. So after a bit of reading, I learned that the shifting drum is the Achilles heel of my little cb. I also learned that Honda fixed this problem with the...
  3. front end swap? rear shocks? maybe new carbs? 73 cb500f

    posted once before and since then I've gotten my bike running now time to turn her into a racer. was thinking i wanted to do a more modern sport bike front end swap, but iv read on a few other forums that its real only benefit is cosmetic? the real question about it is what kind of front end...
  4. new member from Mark Twain Country!

    Hey folks! I've periodically lurked these forums in the past and thought i'd go ahead and make myself official. My name is jesse and i'm in upstate ny. I put a good amount of detail in my profile, but i'll try not to repeat it too much here. I've only been riding for a few years but i have...
  5. New CB500T Pistons for sale

    Parts For Sale
    hi everyone! Charlie's Place had a short run of high quality, forged 500 Twin pistons manufactured. The price is $350 for a pair of pistons with rings, clips and wrist pins. They are high quality; manufactured by Wiseco. These pistons are 1mm over the stock bore, or = 71mm. Get in touch if you...
  6. First project: 1972 Honda CB500-F.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum, so greetings! I just bought a 1972 Honda CB500-F and hope to have it fully cleaned/rebuilt and turn it into a cafe racer by the end of this summer. This is my first project, so I'm gonna need your help! -Aaron
  7. 1973 cb500/550/592 big bore (k and s switch wiring problems)

    so i have been working on a 1973 cb500 for about three months now. so far the engine has been swapped with a 77 cb550 engine and then bored out. i used vintage yoshimura rods, new higher comp pistons and a few other goodies. the tank and frame have been painted as well as a metal seat pan. the...