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  1. 1981 GS750 vs. 1974 CB550???

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy my first cafe racer (not my first motorcycle, but my first vintage one). I need something that is relatively light and short (I'm only 5'5" and 130lb), and I would like something that is (as far as vintage bikes go) reliable and isn't super expensive/difficult when...
  2. carbs tune

    i just brought the new cafe racer and it has a problem with the exhaust pipe, i don't really know if it is the carbs or the exhaust pipe. I got a video here that shows the problem. please help, thanks

    Hey guys! Brand new to the site and I wasn't going to post just yet but i've been saving for a bike and all of a sudden got some CL options for the cb550 that I want. If any could pass on advice on which machine to choose from looking at the post links i'm all ears...
  4. Cafe Builder near Cleveland, Ohio

    Project Builds
    I'm looking for someone to build a CB550 or 750 Cafe Racer near Cleveland, Ohio similar to the attached photo. I have a budget of 3K. Any references would be greatly appreciated.
  5. DIY Shifter Arm for CB550

    I recently purchased a pair of rearsets and 2 linkage rods from a company Paragon Moto. I'm really happy with the product quality and the price, but I'm wondering if anyone can advise on how to make or purchase a peice to connect the linkage to the shifter arm? I asked the guys at...
  6. cb1000c for cb550 a realistic trade?

    Wasnt too sure where to post this so i figured this fit the best. i have a project cb1000c that im working on, basically just cleaning and rewiring, should run but i havent tried since i got it because of the wiring, everything inside the engine is clean and is in good condition but you never...
  7. First CB550 cafe transformation

    Project Builds
    Hey guys, first post here. Just started riding and getting into bike, my favorite and only preferred atheistic is the cafe/scrambler or whatever ya wanna call it minimalist bikes and I just picked up this cb550 with a Corbin seat and other than the obvious seat replacement and clubman bars etc I...
  8. 73 Honda cb500 bad transmission

    Noob thread So, I've had my 73 cb500 (first bike) for about a year now. Just got my engine running, only to find that the transmission is bad. So after a bit of reading, I learned that the shifting drum is the Achilles heel of my little cb. I also learned that Honda fixed this problem with the...
  9. 1977 CB550 Ground up cafe racer build

    Bikes For Sale
    1977 Honda Cb550 Cafe racer. selling to fund the next cafe build! This bike has been 100% torn down and rebuilt by ME. 13,000 miles Runs perfect! It starts as soon as you hit the button and sounds awesome. The donor bike came from New Hampshire so no title, just a bill of sale. Too many things...
  10. New build and seaweed and gravel CB 550

    Project Builds
    Hey, so I have an old 1976 CB 550 sitting in pieces that I'm trying to rebuild. I'm modeling it off of the Seaweed and gravel build that I attached, but I've hit a couple snags and could use some help. here are my issues- 1. I got sand in the engine from my dumb friend that decided to sand...
  11. CB550 swingarm?

    I am as new as one can be to building a cafe racer. One thing I was wondering is, is there a good way to put a newer sportbikes swingarm on a CB550? I was hoping one would be a fairly easy swap so that I could use a wider tire than comes on the CB550. Any help would be great :)
  12. dead in the water......73 cb500 77 cb550 engine swap

    so the other day i ended up getting the engine to fire on the swap i did around christmas time. dropped a 550 engine into a 500 frame. it ran multiple times for a minute or so each just to get the oil to lubricate the upper end after a rebuild. it was 40 degrees or so the other day so i decided...