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  1. General FAQ's
    I’m putting aftermarket controls on on my 75 cb and having trouble mixing new with old. Wiring is definitely not my strong suit and would appreciate the help
  2. Project Builds
    First restore/cafe build. Wires look like they've been reran a couple times. Would it be beneficial to strip and completely rewire?everything is tapes from front to back
  3. Regional Clubs & Events
    Hello, has anyone seen a cb750 turbo kit for sale anywhere? There was one posted on Pinterest but the link it had send me here to a blank thread. It says ATP Rajat turbo kit. Please help if possible. I have an 82 CB750 custom original with 9k.miles. Thanks.
  4. Project Builds
    Hi, Readers have helped us in the past with advice on the build. We would really enjoy hearing what readers think of our finished bike! A Burlesque themed, slightly naughty Street Tracker. Wanted to show off the bike a bit' now that it's finished. Street Tracker style, highly modified 1980...
1-4 of 4 Results