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  1. CB750K battery draining! HELP!

    Site Help and Support
    Hello everyone!, New to the forum, have tried everything i can possibly think to fix this issue, you guys are my last hope. It all started when i was heading home one day and my battery exploded! It was a lead acid battery. I replaced it with a NEW lithium ion battery with a battery tracker...
  2. Motor-mount issues

    Project Builds
    Hi. I'm 17 and I just purchased a 1979 cb750k DOHC in about a million pieces. I'm new to building bikes in general and I'm having a little trouble figuring out how the front motor mount closest to the neck is supposed to be situated. If anyone owns a '79 and is willing to post or send me some...
  3. honda bearing oil clearance

    hey guys! Im new to this forum and all forums for that matter so hopefully you guys will jump right in and shed some light for me. First off Ive never rebuilt a motorcycle but I am giving it a go. I can do some basic mechanic stuff and turn a wrench or two with out worry. Experience and...
  4. Is this a good project base ?

    Hello there I'm new to the forum and to building café racers. I would like to buy a project bike and found this honda cb750k7. I was wondering if this bike has a good base to work on ?
  5. about those CBs...

    ok so im new to the site, seems great and lots of info on how to do just about anything. However im looking for some advice from the guys that have been doing Cafe Racers and know whats up. I have a chance to take over a guys CB750 project that looks like a nightmare for pretty cheap. The bike...
  6. Cafe Builder near Cleveland, Ohio

    Project Builds
    I'm looking for someone to build a CB550 or 750 Cafe Racer near Cleveland, Ohio similar to the attached photo. I have a budget of 3K. Any references would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hailing from the MidWest

    Greetings fellow bike owners and enthusiast alike. Dropping in to get greasy and learn lots. I look forward to reading more and more about the love of Café Racers. I've been stalking the forums for about a month, purchase my 71 CB750 in March, and am very excited to get back on 2 wheels...
  8. Holy Grail '78 CB 750 Super Sport for sale?

    Sooooo been 5 1/2 years and haven't finished her. everything but the tank is there. Rode her as a Cafe for a few years then wanted to redo her and here she sits. Will have her running as strong as she did before i put her up for sale but what are they fetching? Needs tank and has a cafe seat...
  9. CB/CL/SL Cam Chain Tensioner Rollers

    Parts For Sale
    For those of you looking for something much better than the rubber NOS rollers, I have CNC machined versions out of chromolly steel of both the upper and lower rollers. They will fit CB/CL/SL motorcycles. Upper roller is a sprocket, lower is a smooth roller. Each have high quality needle roller...
  10. Custom CB750 Cafe Racer

    Bikes For Sale
    lightly ridden about 300 miles on the rebuild. Has been in a calendar and has won some awards. ?70 Honda CB750 | $6,000 OBO
  11. Oil Cooling questions

    Project Builds
    Hey ive got a 1980 honda cb750f ss and im wondering if anyone knows how the bike will function without the air cooler that the previous owner slapped on the front of the frame. I know it won't hurt performance to keep it on, but i'm going for a naked bike kind of build and the cooling system...
  12. Fork and swingarm chop and build cb750

    Project Builds
    Hello everyone i've recently picked up an 82 cb750 with 2008 R1 forks and swingarm (full font end and rear end to be exact) and I'm going to make it work. I've already chopped the "subframe" section off and have done some mock-up as well as ordering a 75' gas tank off eBay. I know it is going to...
  13. New to modification from NJ

    Hi all, I am an average rider with 4 years experience "in the saddle" as it were but very little experience with modification. I built myself a Subaru WRX last summer but cars aren't bikes, so here I am. A good friend of mine just turned me onto the cafe idea and I think this is a great...
  14. Nighthawk 750 Cafe Racer

    Project Builds
    Whatsup guys, I got her around a year and a half ago and she had been my daily rider for a year of that, through rain and cold this trusty steed has never failed me. This is my first bike. I paid 1700$ for her with 28k miles and a massive dent in the tank. So i got straight to the drawing board...
  15. 1979 cb750F Supersport DOHC Fully Restored $5100 or best offer

    Bikes For Sale
    18K original miles Stock Airbox Removed New Paint in 2013 CB900F Style peg brackets Reconditioned controls Dipped Springs Cafe Style Slight bend Drag Bars Pod Filters Jetted 50 over, hauls balls. Not cafe'd out Too Much to list Call or Text 586-ninefourfive-sixty6sixty4
  16. 1978 Yamaha XS750 Road Racer

    Bikes For Sale
    1978 Yamaha XS750 Cafe Racer 1978 Yamaha XS750 Special that has been rebuilt. Taken down to the frame. New paint, new tires, new LED brake light, new speedometer and tachometer with white face and integrated clustered lights, custom upholstered seat, carburetors have been cleaned...
  17. 1972 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

    Project Builds
    It has been a seriously long time since I have even lurked on here. I was down to ZERO running, registered street bikes and concentrating more on racing my 24 Hours of Lemons car for the past 4 years. I didn't wanna hang out on a Cafe Racer (or any motorcycle) forum and be just another poseur...
  18. Honda CB750F 1984 -> Café Project (first build)

    Project Builds
    Hi! Today I bought my first bike, a '84 CB750 which I am going to build into a café racer. I don't have ANY experience, but how hard can it be?!... No, Seriously I am probably going to post a shitload of questions to this forum, and hopefully with some help from friends here and in real life be...
  19. Hi!

    Hi everyone, I hope all are well. It's finally thawing out here in the Northeast, and if you are like me, thoughts are heading in the direction of getting our rides ready, all of the maintenance we need to do, all the projects that are 75% complete but have 90% to go. For me, it is my...
  20. CB750 Custom build

    Project Builds
    This is my work in progress 1979 cb750k. I don't really have a direction I want to go with it. Just playing around and expirementing. I plan to continue to change styling components as I build the bike and ride at the same time. I am in the process of changing the front end to match the Rear...