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    ok so im new to the site, seems great and lots of info on how to do just about anything. However im looking for some advice from the guys that have been doing Cafe Racers and know whats up. I have a chance to take over a guys CB750 project that looks like a nightmare for pretty cheap. The bike...
  2. Technical
    Hi! I'm fairly new to the whole bike thing, so I thought it was a good idea to register here and try to keep up with all the advice. I bought a 1977 Honda cb750f earlier this month and gradually want to change a couple of stuff. This week I noticed 2 of my 4 connections between my air filter...
  3. Project Builds
    Hello All, Iam from Columbus, Ohio. I have started a Cafe racer project on my 1978 CB750 Supersport. Here is the image of the bike in its original state and also some pictures of the tear down. The Original The plan The Tear down For more images motorcycle
  4. Bikes For Sale
    18K original miles Stock Airbox Removed New Paint in 2013 CB900F Style peg brackets Reconditioned controls Dipped Springs Cafe Style Slight bend Drag Bars Pod Filters Jetted 50 over, hauls balls. Not cafe'd out Too Much to list Call or Text 586-ninefourfive-sixty6sixty4
1-4 of 4 Results