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  1. another CB900c

    Project Builds
    Hi, I’d previously been working on GS850s/CB750s but was searching for a CB900F and found nothing. The guy I buy bikes from had this CB900c basket case for $450, he threw in enough parts to almost build a second bike. Didn’t know much about them at the time but thought I’d give a try at a two...
  2. Jetting a CB900C for an aftermarket exhaust, is drilling really necessary?

    Hi, finally done with my CB900C project build. Goes great and rides real smooth. Was going to post it in the project builds thread as soon as I can find a matching left side cover. I currently have a red one, while the tank and right cover are blue. I'll probably end up getting the whole thing...
  3. How much grease can you pump into a Honda shaft drive?

    Coming to a close on my '81 CB900C project. It's come a long way as far as restoring it and trying to convert it back to the stock setup (used to have a hard fairing kit). I finally finished working on the vitals, like brakes, suspension, lights, carbs, registration(LOL), tires, fluid changes...
  4. Looking for 80-82 CB900C side covers.

    The left one is missing and the right one is cracked. Anybody have a good pair? Preferably blue? Thanks. My bike is a 1981 CB900C.
  5. CB900C Front fork: 80-81 vs. 82, Is there a difference?

    I've had this 1981 CB900C project bike for almost two years now, it's just about done. When I got it, it came with a beat up fairing kit that made it look like a gold wing, but I chose to take it off and make it stock again. In case anybody is wondering, undoing the wiring harness and making it...
  6. Good aftermarket carb recomendation? 1981 CB900

    Project Builds
    Hey everybody, I picked up a freebee CB900C not too long ago and found that it was in better condition then I thought! The engine turns with no problem, spark seems good, and the rust isnt all that bad. And the electronics also work completely fine! Its like nothing went wrong! The...
  7. Gonna buy a CB900C. Good idea?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and heard about this website from a friend of mine. Anyhow, I've been riding around a Husqvarna TE511 which is a kick-ass bike. Only problem is that it's a dual sport bike and doesn't do well on the highway. I always wanted to get a vintage bike for cheap and turn it into...
  8. My first build - CB900C cafe racer

    Project Builds
    Hi, in the middle of my first build and wanted to share a few pics. Started out as a 1981 Honda CB900C in October and did a few improvements since. Hope to get some feedback and input on how to improve. Most of the work done are all first for me and I am learning as I go - thank god for...