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  1. Electric Cafe Racer frame help

    General FAQ's
    Hey guys! I'm planning on building an electric cafe racer in this style like NightShiftBikes did. He used a 2003 Suzuki Savage S40 frame but I don't want to copy him so I'm looking for other frames like this one. It's a cruiser frame so very simple as I want to go for a simple and skeleton look...
  2. Hybrid Gas/Electric Cafe Racer: how I got started.

    Project Builds
    Hi, because of renewed interest, I restarting a thread on the building of my Hybrid gas/electric motorcycle. First, I would recommend you see the website: Classic Hybrids: The Hybrid Motorcycle Project | Unique Custom Cyles & Restorations.... This will provide a lot of info. I guess the first...