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  1. 1980 suzuki crank but no spark

    Have a 1980 GS450l then ive been riding daily for about the past month now. On my way to work however a few days ago I was riding in 3rd at maybe just around 3k when the light turned yellow and I opened it to full throttle without downshifting. It accelerated fine through the intersection but...
  2. CB750 Nighthawk Engine Questions

    Hey, guys! Okay, so I've been around this forum a bit and I've come to realize that your brains are big. Mine is not, but I want to learn. Engines fascinate me. I figured the best way for me to learn might just be for me to get my hands dirty, so here we go. I went on craigslist, and I found a...
  3. Honda CB350f Engine troubles and leaking carburettors

    Hey Guys, My Dad and I are in need for a bit of advice regarding our current project. We have been turning a 1972 Honda CB350/4 into Cafe style racer and have hit a snag in the final stages of the rebuild. When we first got the bike we managed to get it started without too much hassle. Since...
  4. 73 Honda cb500 bad transmission

    Noob thread So, I've had my 73 cb500 (first bike) for about a year now. Just got my engine running, only to find that the transmission is bad. So after a bit of reading, I learned that the shifting drum is the Achilles heel of my little cb. I also learned that Honda fixed this problem with the...
  5. Cam Chain Dampener/Chain Guide Failure

    Hello I have recently acquired a '72 Honda CB450. And it ran great and was a ton on fun to ride, until it just died. I checked everything, the electrical and ignition systems, all checks out. But then I opened up the valce cover and discovered a fragment of a rubber or at least once rubber...
  6. Fitting a Harley EVO 96 into a cafe racer frame

    Hello, I have a Harley evo 96 and I would like to build a cafe racer with it, does anyone know what type of frame I would need to get? I understand it will not be a drop in and there will be modifications to be made. Your help would be appreciated. Aek