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  1. 79' Suzuki GS1000L muffler interior access

    Doing a rebuild on a 79' Suzuki GS1000L with some changes into a Cafe Racer. I was restoring the Exhaust pipes and muffler and ran into an issue. The mufflers (inside is very rusty & dirty) are welded to the pipes which are not quite as dirty. I've been able to remove the rust and scrub the...
  2. 74 Honda CB350 Twin

    Hi everyone! So I'm just going to jump right in. I've recently bought a 1970 Honda SL350 K0 that has a 74 Honda CB350 Twin motor. The bike idles great at around 1,100 just sitting in the drive way and on a quick trip around the block. But when you ride it for a longer period of time it starts...
  3. carbs tune

    i just brought the new cafe racer and it has a problem with the exhaust pipe, i don't really know if it is the carbs or the exhaust pipe. I got a video here that shows the problem. please help, thanks
  4. Jetting a CB900C for an aftermarket exhaust, is drilling really necessary?

    Hi, finally done with my CB900C project build. Goes great and rides real smooth. Was going to post it in the project builds thread as soon as I can find a matching left side cover. I currently have a red one, while the tank and right cover are blue. I'll probably end up getting the whole thing...
  5. Can an amateur change the exhaust?

    Just joined the forums! Today I bought a Yamaha XS750 cafe racer project bike. It needs a new seat, some work on the brakes, and a new exhaust. First question, which I'm sure I will have many, is: Can an amateur change the exhaust? The current exhaust has been cut. I saw this on ebay, and from...
  6. Salvage Header 1970 CB450

    Good Evening All, New to as of today. I just picked up a very mint 1970 CB450 and am going to begin tear down shortly. I am planning on a scrambler/brat style (forgive me I'm new, and hope thats not a crime). I will be trying to do this as a reclamation bike, salvaging parts...
  7. Dealing with rusty exhaust pipes

    Hi there! I'm trying to clean up and remove rust from my exhaust pipes. I belive they are stainless steel. I have tried polishing with and soaking in vinegar and baking soda, but that did not do very much. Right now I'm trying to polish with autosol chrome polish (which should also work for...
  8. 4 to 1 exhaust only head for cb750

    Hey all.. first post.. Anyone know where I could find a 4-1 exhaust head pipe for DOHC CB750 -80? I been searching like crazy but can only find packages with mufflers. Very thankful for any help!