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  1. CB750, Newbie needs help.

    Project Builds
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know if I'm unable to follow forum ethics. Correct me where ever I make any mistakes and I won't be offended at all but appreciate it. Bought a Honda CB750 few days back not even sure about the model yet but it is 1982 as far as I know The...
  2. Cafe racer build first bike, advice on getting started and choosing/ sourcing a bike

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on which bike to chose for my first build and my first bike. I am currently 6'2" and age 15 so looking to be 6'4" most likely, i need help for advice on which kind of models i should be looking for on the market which would fit me for when i can ride and will suit as...
  3. First time buyer, is this price too high?

    I'm looking to get my first bike and came across this '81 CX500 and am seriously digging the look. Not sure if $2500 is asking too much, I want to avoid get ripped off. From what I can tell and by what he's told me it sounds like it's in decent condition, what are your guys thoughts? Anything I...
  4. Should i buy 1980 honda cb 650 for a cafe racer build?

    Hello, I am not sure what a good bike would be for a cafe racer but I found a 1980 honda cb 650 for sale for $1500 safetied and running. Would this be a good bike to buy for building a cafe racer? I am not sure where to get parts or where parts are available so any help there would be great.
  5. First Bike First Build 73 CB750

    Project Builds
    I bought this bike a couple weeks ago and its currently down to nothing but a frame. When I bought it you could tell it leaked oiled and I was told I should do a head gasket form the previous owner. The PO gave me a new gasket set when I bought the bike so I figured it needed to...
  6. New member from Montana!

    Hey guys and girls, I am a new rider with very little riding, mechanical, etc. experience. My parents always owned motorcycles, and I have always wanted a motorcycle since I was a kid. I'm going to buy my first bike next week! I am super excited and have already made a deal with the guy for...