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  1. Suzuki GD110-AX4 and EN125-2A

    Hey y'all! Either of one of these bikes could be my first project and I have no experience with wrenching at all but i am eager to learn. I'm just kinda worried that the build would be a bit difficult because of the seat's position. as you can see it is slanted. I would have no problem doing...
  2. Cafe racer build first bike, advice on getting started and choosing/ sourcing a bike

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on which bike to chose for my first build and my first bike. I am currently 6'2" and age 15 so looking to be 6'4" most likely, i need help for advice on which kind of models i should be looking for on the market which would fit me for when i can ride and will suit as...
  3. The new guy from NY

    Hi everyone I'm new here form Staten Island NY and I'm looking to start a ground up build it will be my first project that involves major fabrication like welding and machining parts (although I probably wont end up machining too many parts) I have built Road racing bikes for the track but that...
  4. First Bike First Build 73 CB750

    Project Builds
    I bought this bike a couple weeks ago and its currently down to nothing but a frame. When I bought it you could tell it leaked oiled and I was told I should do a head gasket form the previous owner. The PO gave me a new gasket set when I bought the bike so I figured it needed to...
  5. Total Novice from Chicago, IL

    Hello all. I'm an engineering student, new to Chicago, IL. I had a license and Kawasaki Ninja back home in California. Rode for about a year before my speeding tickets caught up to me. It's been about 5 years since then, I've worked out my legal issues and am eager to get back on a bike this...
  6. My first build - CB900C cafe racer

    Project Builds
    Hi, in the middle of my first build and wanted to share a few pics. Started out as a 1981 Honda CB900C in October and did a few improvements since. Hope to get some feedback and input on how to improve. Most of the work done are all first for me and I am learning as I go - thank god for...