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first project
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  1. Project Builds
    Finally getting near the end of my cb550 cafe inspired build. i know its not a true cafe racer but i kinda took a few different styles i liked on the bikes and built it like that. i started off with very nice stock 12k mile cb550 i scored on eBay for 1900 at the beginning of covid. i do feel a...
  2. Technical
    Ok... first time on a forum ever. First time building ripping apart a bike and building it ever... I want to put some firestone deluxe champions on this bad boy, but they only make 3.50-18... the front rim fits a 3.00-18. Firestone doesnt make that wheel in a 3.00. Can i use a 3.50 for the...
  3. General
    Hey everyone, this is my first post on the forum, so greetings! I just bought a 1972 Honda CB500-F and hope to have it fully cleaned/rebuilt and turn it into a cafe racer by the end of this summer. This is my first project, so I'm gonna need your help! -Aaron
1-3 of 3 Results