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  1. 1982 Suzuki GN400 Fork Seals

    New member to the forum, and a new member to the world of 2 wheels. Never really ridden before but after selling my car I decided on a bike. Enough background. I bought an 82' Suzuki gn400 and its needing new fork seals and possibly something on the bottom end as it leaks there too. Ive...
  2. CB900C Front fork: 80-81 vs. 82, Is there a difference?

    I've had this 1981 CB900C project bike for almost two years now, it's just about done. When I got it, it came with a beat up fairing kit that made it look like a gold wing, but I chose to take it off and make it stock again. In case anybody is wondering, undoing the wiring harness and making it...
  3. Fork Length Measurement Question

    Hi all! I'm trying to get my head around the general principles of front end swapping, I wondered if someone can help me figure something out here: After you figure your steering head bearing size (all balls charts...etc...) and found a list of compatible models, after determining whether or...
  4. 1971 CL100 - beginning cafe racer project- shocks, forks, electrical?

    Hello everybody, I just tuned up an old 1971 CL100. Medium condition. This is my first racer project and I am excited. I have put in a new cam shaft seal, cleaned the points, replaced the leaky exhaust with a CB100 exhaust, rebuilt the carb using the OEM kit. new back tire new chain new...