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  1. Technical
    Good day all, I am trying to identify a Rickman frame I have. The ID tag says: Date 3/72 No. 4089 Z The steering stop has the letters "Z" on the upper area, and "S" on the lower area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lynn King "Salty dawg" Anacortes WA USA
  2. Technical
    Hello, I have a Harley evo 96 and I would like to build a cafe racer with it, does anyone know what type of frame I would need to get? I understand it will not be a drop in and there will be modifications to be made. Your help would be appreciated. Aek
  3. General
    Hello everyone, i am Rene and im new to the forum as well as building motorcycles. i wish to begin my adventure as soon as possible but would like to know what r the best models, and makes to begin with? i of course would like to save money as well as have something that is a good platform for...
1-3 of 3 Results