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  1. Technical
    Hi, I'm sort of getting to the end of my CB900C restore. Finally got the bike back to stock and away from that "retired cop" cruiser fairing kit. All lights and buttons work now!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I'm putting the brakes back onto a rebuilt front fork that I got off ebay, but the right brake...
  2. Technical
    I've had this 1981 CB900C project bike for almost two years now, it's just about done. When I got it, it came with a beat up fairing kit that made it look like a gold wing, but I chose to take it off and make it stock again. In case anybody is wondering, undoing the wiring harness and making it...
  3. Wanted
    This is my first build and first time working on a bike, I bought a running 76 cb200t and plan on making it all cafe, only thing stopping me is the front break. Haven't had a chance to check out the junk yards yet being Memorial Day so I figured I'd ask while I wait. The metal on the top most...
1-3 of 3 Results