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  1. Project Builds
    I've got a '81 GS550 motor that i've recently pulled from the bike and put into a gokart frame that I intend on racing, I know these motors are not fully optimized (from what i've heard) from the factory. I heard that jetting could pull some more power out of it and if thats a case what are the...
  2. General
    I thought I'd give a shout out on here for any Suzuki GS550 & 650 owners who don't frequent the GS Resources Forum. We're putting together a group purchase deal for Wiseco to re-make a small batch of their long out of production 740cc 10.25:1 K740 Suzuki GS650 pistons. Most of the people buying...
  3. Project Builds
    There is an ad on craigslist for a 1976 Suzuki gs550e. I have no experience with Suzukis. The guy is asking for $340, and says "Needs carburetor work and maybe a chain and a battery." if I want to make it a reliable cafe, is it worth my time? Thanks -Adam
  4. Technical
    I have a GS550 with BS32SS mikuni carbs and I haven't been able to get a real answer from anyone as to why I'm having this issue or how to fix but maybe you guys can help here. The bike had a leaky vacuum actuated petcock, so I decided to install a manual fuel valve and set the petcock to...
  5. Technical
    Hello All, I'm Brian from Phoenix, AZ. I recently bought an 82 CB550l. It is completely original with the chrome fenders, mag wheels, etc... I plan on taking few parts off and saving them as they are all in almost perfect condition. I'll be riding this back and forth to work and maybe around...
  6. Technical
    So, sorry for making this my first post on this forum. In my own (flimsy) defense, though, I have read a few builds on here. With that out of my way, let's move on to the matter at hand. As stated in the thread title, I have an '81 GS550 and it has a shifter cam bearing...
  7. Project Builds
    I just finishen first year rebuilding my café racer.....and only one problem. I can start the motor but in idle and only with 100% choker.... If i try to speed a little up then the motor stop..... See here: Caféracer projekt - Stylingprojekter - Fotos fra Torben A
1-7 of 7 Results