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  1. Suzuki GS550/650 & GS650 custom pistons 740cc 10.25:1 Wiseco group purchas

    I thought I'd give a shout out on here for any Suzuki GS550 & 650 owners who don't frequent the GS Resources Forum. We're putting together a group purchase deal for Wiseco to re-make a small batch of their long out of production 740cc 10.25:1 K740 Suzuki GS650 pistons. Most of the people buying...
  2. 1983 GS650G Cafe Project

    Project Builds
    So,I got a hold of this bike a few months back from a kid who had gotten it from a family friend in Illinois,completely rust free,gorgeous bike.It is my every day driver now that my other Suzi its totaled,ill keep you updated as I clean her up,in the meantime let me know what you guys think...