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  1. Project Builds
    I'm thinking of fabricating some type of intake for my GS project, since I hear the air pods won't run well on it. The stock air box didn't come with the bike and rather than spending money on one, Id rather fabricate something that looks cool. I was thinking of just using exhaust pipe with some...
  2. General
    I thought I'd give a shout out on here for any Suzuki GS550 & 650 owners who don't frequent the GS Resources Forum. We're putting together a group purchase deal for Wiseco to re-make a small batch of their long out of production 740cc 10.25:1 K740 Suzuki GS650 pistons. Most of the people buying...
  3. Project Builds
    So,I got a hold of this bike a few months back from a kid who had gotten it from a family friend in Illinois,completely rust free,gorgeous bike.It is my every day driver now that my other Suzi its totaled,ill keep you updated as I clean her up,in the meantime let me know what you guys think...
1-3 of 4 Results