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honda cb 350

  1. 1973 Honda CB350G Cafe Racer - First Bike Build

    Project Builds
    Hello everyone! New member here. I'm more of a sport bike kind of guy but I developed a new love for vintage motorcycles that is an entirely different world. I bought a '73 Honda CB350G about 4 years ago in boxes in bins and in about 17 months, I built my first little cafe racer. I can...
  2. Honda CB350f Engine troubles and leaking carburettors

    Hey Guys, My Dad and I are in need for a bit of advice regarding our current project. We have been turning a 1972 Honda CB350/4 into Cafe style racer and have hit a snag in the final stages of the rebuild. When we first got the bike we managed to get it started without too much hassle. Since...
  3. 1975 HONDA CB360T Questions

    Ok... first time on a forum ever. First time building ripping apart a bike and building it ever... I want to put some firestone deluxe champions on this bad boy, but they only make 3.50-18... the front rim fits a 3.00-18. Firestone doesnt make that wheel in a 3.00. Can i use a 3.50 for the...
  4. looking for honda cl 350 or honda cb 350

    Hello im from south california and im looking for a honda cl or cb years 1969-1975 for my first bike im interested to build a cafe racer from them